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HR Introduction


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HR system: the company has formed the "people-oriented" talent strategy, established and improved the mechanism of human resources, having formed a talent import mechanism which attaches importance to high-tech talents and attracts talents in a variety of ways; it has also established a talent education mechanism headed by two talent teams: the scientific and technological team, and the skills team, a reserve cadres construction mechanism based on high starting point and high standards, a career path construction mechanism with senior engineers and senior technicians as the starting point, and a training mechanism that is oriented to fostering professional competence and speeding up the training of highly skilled personnel.

Staff career pathway: a good career planning system can give employees clear and specific career guidance. The company has established a sound career development pathway. Through the establishment of management sequence, technological sequence, and skill sequence, each employee can find their places from the first day they entered the company, and clearly see their career path and direction of efforts according to their own characteristics. Professional technical position qualification assessment and vocational skills appraisal further broaden the channels of promotions for employees.

Salaries and benefits:

1. The company implements market-oriented salary system based on job performances, and offer one-time relocation fee for recruited students having just graduated from school.

2. Provide housing subsidies for newly recruited students, who can enjoy housing subsidies for 8 years after entering the company.

In addition to the social insurance and housing fund required by the state, employees can also enjoy paid holidays, all-member medical examination and other benefit policies.