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The four layer of the heart have smooth acceleration and deceleration of the most fuel-efficient fuel-efficient master

2018/11/28 19:26
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New express reporter Yuan Pingfeng

During the Spring Festival from Nissan 4S shop Xiongfeng provided new sunshine drive home, half-way there are about 120 km walk is a national, and there was a traffic jam on the 1.5 hours, full air conditioning, music, 410 kilometers spent a total of 20 liters of oil. Recently home of Nanhai city square Chen from the sun with transcripts, and called for: the rise in oil prices, must as soon as possible practice fuel saving master!

Master competition is the internal force, Chen said, to practice internal strength to powerful unremittingly, to develop good habits.

Before driving a layer of mind

Regularly check the tire air pressure

Because the air pressure drop, the vehicle running resistance, fuel consumption will increase. Need to check is: there is no abnormal tire wear, there is no long-term use of non nail non slip tires.

Waste - remind:

-0.5kg/cm2 (-50KPa) of the tire running 50km waste 150cc.

- tips:

Check a proposal for 3 months. In addition, regularly check the engine air filter is blocked on the fuel is very important.

Luggage luggage as far as possible

Do not use the baggage will only increase the weight, resulting in deterioration of fuel consumption, especially the increase in air resistance is the cause of the deterioration of the fuel consumption of high-speed road, not to use as far as possible.

- Waste reminder: golf bag 1 (8kg) 13cc (50km road leads to a waste of time).

- tips:

Do you have a long time to golf and other baggage in the trunk it? The heavier the weight of the vehicle, the higher the fuel consumption!

Plan a good route to avoid a detour

To plan the route before the trip, avoid detours and increase the driving distance and fuel consumption.

Waste - remind:

Go 50km will waste fuel 3000cc; average speed 23km/h→ 15km/h (drop), resulting in a waste of 12CC (when running 50km).

- tips:

Get up early, make plans to avoid traffic jam. The morning of less traffic, the road is good, can increase the average speed of time, reduce fuel consumption.

Two layer method of mind driving

Light step accelerator pedal

Light step on the accelerator pedal operation is both safe and can have plenty of time, can let us feel comfortable to drive.

Waste - remind:

Quick start 10 times lead to waste 170cc.

- tips:

Don't walk with car racing.

Maintain safety speed

General road to 40km/h, high-speed road to 80km/h travel is the most economical speed. Speeding is unsafe and fuel, because the car's air resistance is proportional to the square of the velocity, velocity, air resistance larger fuel consumption also increases.

Waste - remind:

120km at high speed on the road driving, will lead to a waste of 80CC (relative to the 100km/h when running 50km).

- tips:

Control the frequent accelerator pedal, the throttle to maintain a certain position to drive; to maintain a long distance between the workshop, the constant speed driving; suppression of frequent changes in lane.

Early end acceleration

Due to the reduction of a certain speed, the engine will stop the injection of fuel, which can improve the performance of fuel.

Waste - remind:

Running 50km can lead to a waste of 150cc.

- tips:

Deceleration and parking ahead of the end of the acceleration; deceleration when the use of engine braking; early release gas pedal let inertia traveling longer distances.

Ensure smooth operation

Lost, bypass, multi driving distance, through the high-speed road toll station temporary parking, etc. is the result of excessive fuel consumption due to.

Waste - remind:

Lost 10 minutes will be a waste of 350CC; a time not to use ETC will lead to a waste of 21cc.

- tips:

Flexible use of navigation system, choose the most appropriate route, not lost; the use of ETC smoothly through the toll station; flexible use of traffic information.

Control air conditioning use

The temperature of the air conditioning in the car should not be adjusted too cold. Because the engine driven air compressor is to adjust the indoor air temperature and desiccant, if the temperature is too cold will increase the engine load, increase fuel consumption. In addition, when the air conditioner is manually adjusted, the air quantity of the indoor air supply is small, the power of the fan motor is reduced, the power generation is reduced, and the engine load is reduced, and the fuel consumption is controlled. It is also the same with heating in winter.

Waste - remind:

Once the use of air conditioning will lead to deterioration of 14%-56%'s fuel consumption.

- tips:

Air conditioning is transferred to the AUTO state, air volume or air automatic cycle can also reduce fuel consumption. When the weather is good, turn off the air conditioning, open the window ventilation.

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