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Introduction to Technology Center


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The company has a strong technical force, and has established a technology center and a research institute of special products (the technical center is a provincial technology center in Sichuan Province). The technology center consists of a product design institute, a machining process institute, a special process institute and a comprehensive research institute. The technology center and the research institute of special products have more than 130 engineering and technical personnel, wherein more than 10 are master’s degree holders, and the rest are bachelor’s degree holders. There are more than 20 holders of senior titles in engineering, and more than 70 people hold intermediate professional titles, wherein 10 are the company-level science and technology leaders, and 20 are professional level science and technology leaders. The company adheres to independent innovation, and constantly promotes the upgrading of product development and product structures. It can develop dozens of new products annually, with dozens of civilian and defense invention patents. The company has established a vigorous incentives system for encouraging scientific and technological personnel. It carries out evaluation and commendation activities for talents (teams) with outstanding contributions, contract projects of technical research, key new product innovation and so on, to reward technological talents and labor models having made outstanding contributions.